Increasing Broadband Availability and Adoption in the Region

The San Diego Imperial Regional Broadband Consortium was created to help expand deployment and adoption of broadband technology for education, health and safety, and economic development in Imperial and San Diego County. SDIRBC was funded in February 2012 through a $450,000 grant from the California Public Utilities Commission.

GCLogoTransThe San Diego/Imperial Broadband Consortium members are working together and with community members to promote the adoption and use of broadband technology in the home. 

What We're Doing Now

Currently, Consortium members are conducting surveys of the region to determine actual availability of broadband in various regions. The surveys will identify not only availability of broadband but will measure broadband speeds as advertised by Internet Service Providers.

What's Coming Up Next

Our near-term plans include developing reports and information to provide to the CPUC that are expected to result in additional resources for the area leading to better access to faster broadband.